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Panda and Polar Bear is a webcomic started in 2012, created by Louise Wei and David Hodgkinson based on themselves. The story is about two silly bears who came from different parts of the world but somehow found each other and fell in love, they cheekily poke and cope with each other with their cute and grumpy manner. A comic dedicated to life and relationship. They’ve published 3 books to date.


Panda is a timid, cheeky little bear who loves to eat and dream, she’s positive and creative, forgiving and well tempered… Unless someone touches her food, and be careful, she can be veeeery sneaky.


Polar Bear is a big, grumpy, cynical bear who’s not afraid to speak his mind, he can be quite geeky and sometimes rude, but deep down he is kind and as soft as a marshmallow, in short, he meant well…

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