Anniversary Sale 2016 Update


A week ago we started releasing some never before seen items for auction, and the responses have been amazing! Thank you so much!

Original Arts & Crafts Auctions we’ve posted online so far:

  1. “Moon And You” Clock
  2. “It’s Not Me” Mini Original
  3. “My Little Polar” Mini Original
  4. Wood Coaster Set
  5. “A Good Walk” Mini Originals
  6. Ink Wash Mini Originals
  7. “One” Clock

Each auction takes 7 days and the first one is ending TODAY! So watch the time! :)

ps. We ship to worldwide! One of the listing was edited wrongly but we couldn’t change it since there’s already bids, so please message us your ebay ID if you could not bid, we’ll put you on the exemption list, then you’re good to go!

Good luck bidding! :D