2017 Calendar Is Here


Thanks for all your participation for the voting! Never have we had so many voters before! Thank you so much! After a day of converting the votes and editing… Now you can get our 2017 calendar here:

Physical Calendar

Digital Printable Calendar


What’s inside the calendar?

  1.  Morning Bear 
  2.  Slacking Off 
  3.  Panda Fashion
  4.  Belly Baby 
  5.  Hierarchy Of Needs 
  6.  Panda’s Valentine Gift 
  7.  Panda Loves Making Cookies 
  8.  Solar Bear 
  9.  Successful Negotiation 
  10.  Back To The Dinner 
  11.  The Internet 
  12.  How To Feed Your Bear (And Cat) 

Also, to celebrate the launch today, 15% off for all our calendars! With code YOURTHING15 (Today only 3 Oct 2016)