New Product: Bear Keyring Bottle Opener

Last year we launched our authentic Wooden Keyring, it’s eco-friendly, the engraving smells and feels just great, it’s one of my favourite items in the shop, I still use it every day… but few months ago something happened, my Polar Bear managed rip his wooden keyring apart like a biscuit, by observing his habit I realised that for a bear who puts his keys and everything in the jean pockets, he clearly needs something as tough as a nail here, and maybe even something functional that would suit his style better…

Therefore this new metal Keyring Bottle Opener is born!

My Polar Bear has been using it for months now and it still is the best gift I’ve gotten him so far, no keys or bottle caps left a mark on it, and it looks magnificent! I think it will be a very long time before I need to find him a new keyring again! I would recommend this keyring to any of you who has a powerful bear at home. :)

Get your new Keyring Bottle Opener It’s on sale for 7 days!