When Christmas Shopping Comes Early

Hello bears!

For the past few months we’ve been busy creating the secret stories for our new books, it’s quite a new adventure since there are some very different scenarios than before, lots of emotions and new situations for the bears to deal with, we can’t wait to show them to you, but first things first… ;)

Due to our coming holiday plans, unfortunately we have to call Christmas shopping early… by almost 2 months! Most of our customisable products will become unavailable except the digital ones from 1 Nov. 2017 to 20 Jan. 2018. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and if you wish to purchase anything, especially for Christmas, please place your order before 31 Oct. 2017.

As you may know, we’ve added some new products this year, including Bear Pom Poms, Boxes of Chocolate and Wooden House Sign, we also brought out some Gift Set options, which we’re sure will bring happiness to whomever receives them.
Hope you can find what you want, and please let us know if you have any questions!
p.s. Our products on other websites like Redbubble and Amazon will still be available and unaffected whatsoever. (Maybe because they’re not run by Pandas?)

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