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Things You Wish You Hadn’t Done On Valentines Day: Dream Noming

“I’m not your bamboo you know.” was Polar Bear’s first reaction when Panda started mind-vacantly noming his arm.
“But you are my favorite…” Oops! Nearly slipped it out again! Panda thought.

“You used to love me, now you only nom me.” Polar Bear thought in return.

With this piece, we close our Note To Valentine’s Day series. Wish you had a great I’ve-had-enough-of-this-bloody-valentine-thing week, and now… weekend!!! :)

Things You DON’T do on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day could be a minefield, it’s so dangerous you wish it never existed, but it’s also a nice time to do something special for your beloved. So in this Valentine’s week, we’ll show you some Do and Don’t, and today is the DON’T.

There’s no happiness without suffering… enjoy them! :)

By the way, Panda learned American English in Taiwan (mostly from HBO) and Polar Bear speaks English English (According to Polar Bear, it’s “Proper English”), hence the spelling “favorite” & “favourite”.