Year: 2012


Where The Tradition Came From


Beary Christmas! Have you had a Christmas pudding yet?

In case you don’t know what it is, it’s a very weird fruity pudding you serve on Christmas feasts, after you spend many months soaking it in alcohol, steam it for hours, and finally pour brandy on the top and set it on fire just before serving. I have no idea why we still eat it (Polar Bear: It’s the tradition!) but I still managed to get the last one on the shelf before Christmas Eve.

It’s so so deathly dead.

Oh and Yes! Have a wonderful new year 🙂




The end of the world just got better.

Also Polar Bear doesn’t like the word “candy” because it sounds like American, but Panda doesn’t mind as long as she can has it.


PaperBears Hey… Thought I’d send some fuzzy little friends over and make sure that you have a Beary Christmas & Happy New Bears! 😉 Just Download, Print, and Cut! It’s so easy even a bear can do it 🙂

You’ll need:

  1. A printer & an A4 printing Paper (any kind would do!)
  2. A craft knife or a pair of scissors
  3. A steady hand / paw!

Instructions are shown in the PDF, any questions please ask!

What can I do with PaperBears?

  1. Display them on your desk and make your colleagues jealous.
  2. As Christmas Trees ornaments!
  3. Wear them on your hands like finger dolls, and play a comedy!

I can’t wait to see your pictures or even videos with the bears 🙂 Thank you and have a wonderful Season!

Download PaperBears

It’s free and sharing is ok! 🙂

The scene in the picture above is from this comic: Asian Moon Face


Ginger Bears vs. Cookiemon

So! Can Polar Bear bite the cookie monster’s head off or is it the other way around…??

Polar Bear: “Seriously, I’ve always thought that Cookie Monster has been the real Santa all along.”
Panda: “Don’t eat us don’t eat us don’t eat us don’t eat us… but please dunk me in the milk?”


Santa Claws

Another hidden gem from our Seasonal Special collection. If Panda And Polar Bear were put on duty for Santa! Our grumpy Polar Bear loves driving (fast), and Panda feels ok because she is into roller-coaster kind of stuff, but the only problem is not “Are we nearly there yet” but “Are we nearly lost yet”… This is what Polar Bear’s children used to say in real life…

Thank you again for all of you who participate in our recent activities: coming to our exhibition, voting, purchasing, liking, commenting, sharing… Thank you, and please keep fuzzy! 🙂