For a Londoner, you must be familiar with this line “Mind The Gap”, there’s no way you can leave London without these words burned in your subconscious for it probably runs 10,000+ times a day in the London Underground, it’s even printed on mugs in gift shops, in case you want to flavour it with a cup of tea when you are not on the Tube.

Polar Bear is a Londoner too, but he’s “special”…

“The gap won’t mind itself” is another famous English humour, for example, “The Anthem won’t sing itself”(during Olympics), “The tea won’t serve itself”, or “The dog won’t walk itself”… Yes it kinda means just get on with it.

And Panda has been living in London for 3 years now, these English humour never stop to amuse her, and hopefully there’s more to come.

A Tribute to our not-perfect-but-beloved London Underground 🙂

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