From this book

It is known that:

If you give a wand to a boy, he’ll become a wizard.
And if you give 2 wands to a Panda, she’ll turn them into chopsticks.

So about this “The Making of Harry Potter” trip, we’ve thought really hard on the title for today’s comic, for example:

  • My Magical Chopsticks
  • Practical Me (As oppose to Professor Lockhart’s autobiography “Magical Me”)
  • The Usage Of 2 Wands
  • Magical & Practical
  • Swish and Eat (As oppose to “Swish and Flick”)

But in the end, we both agreed on letting it be our “Undocumented Feature” sequel, and I’m sure you can be expecting many other discoveries following iPhone and Harry Potter’s wand’s secret feature.

After all, it is very hard to be as geeky and as face-pawing at the same time like us.

Many thanks to our friend Beh (aka Beh-r) for the idea as well! Hope you come back to UK soon! <3

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