The Great London Fantasy

Long long time ago… but somehow in the future. (I didn’t invent this line, Family Guy did)

A little boy just came to London from Asia to visit his loving auntie, but little did he know, he will be captured by the mutinous Polar Bear + Gozilla = POZILLA!

In his great terror, Pozilla took the boy to the beach along south bank  for some delicious Fish of Thames, after all, they all say Fish & Chips is the famous English food…

At this very moment, suddenly a cuddly voice came from the sky!

“Oy! Let the boy eat some Bamboo!!”

Pozilla looked up and see a Panda flying in red cap, he waved his fists and yelled:

“No way! You will eat all of it first! You Muppet…”

We can probably presume that they knew each other very well.

… So together they took the bus home and have some Asian Stir-fry instead. And of course, they invited the boy’s lovely auntie too!


(Pozilla Growling)

This picture is a Commissioned Artwork by the request of this little boy’s auntie, with the best wish for all his dreams will come true. <3

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