When Panda says yes
Polar Bear says no
But there are so many choices!
Would you please come to help?

Now it’s your choice!
Vote for which comics can make it into our 2013 calendar by Voting with your Likes!
Of course, you can like as many as you want 🙂

Thanks to your support, we started off just as a silly comic for friends and now I humbly think there maybe more to come in the future, like exhibitions and books! We just want to tell you that we love all your comments and likes and we thank you so so much for them! 🙂

Would you like to help us to create our first ever Panda And Polar Bear Calendar?

I promise you, there will be 3 Secret Unreleased Comics for this calendar, and you will all enjoy it when the time comes! 🙂

Voting time: Nov. 2 – Nov. 5


The voting result is out! Thank you so much for your precious votes,
I’m so surprised that the “Panfro” got the most votes! Apparently being fluffy is the key to win! Muwahahaha…
Thanks to your contribution, our calendar will be out soon!

Here’s the top 10: (because you gave the 9th and 10th place the same votes)
1. Panfro
2-4. Trick Or Treat / Story Is Us / Lazy Arm Wrestling
5. Immobile Phone
6. Asian Moon Face
7. Catalogue Of Happiness And Misery
8. Principles
9-10. Sky Warrior / 8am
Thank you so much!