Year: 2012


A Good Bear

I’m sure many of you haven’t seen this comic, this cartoon of our Santa Polar Bear & cheeky Panda was one of the hidden gem in our 2013 calendar (click here to see the calendar) ,many of you saw this sooner because you came to the exhibition or bought the calendar or Xmas cards, for that I’m deeply grateful. I promised that I’ll post these secret new comics at the right time, so in the next few weeks I’ll post these cute babies along with other special seasonal stuff, I hope you’ll like them and prepared to be surprised! 🙂


Thank You!

Our First Exhibition – A Big Thank You!

On 24th of November, 2012, we celebrated our first exhibition and the opening was such a success. “There’s old friends and new friends and even 2 bears…” It started as a rainy day but ended in such a cozy way, thank you, all of you made it happen.

The 4 months old crawling Panda And Polar Bear could never have dreamt about this: the opportunity to exhibit in the heart of Camden, London! If it wasn’t for Kawa from My Village Cafe, we probably would be hibernating right now, but this lovely dream really came true.

And as soon as the preparation started, support also came in, a group of passionate Taiwanese event organisers My Creative Enterprise helped us out on promotions and the opening, without them there won’t be any proper documentation of the exhibition!

And the biggest support came from – you – yes, you. Without you, our friends, this would mean nothing, this exhibition is for all of you. So please come and enjoy the exhibition if you can, it will be there until 14th of December, in the lovely My Village Cafe.

Thank you so so much ♥
Bear hug! x x x
(and bite your heads off)

[See more pictures of the opening]


Wish Constipation

I hope you are ready for the Christmas Season, because we’re still thinking about it. 😛