Destined To Be Great


I believe people invent better phones and computers so they can sit in bed forever.



I’m getting so lazy at reading these days (there’s a reason I like drawing!). Also Polar Bear says all my Mandarin books are written by drunk spider in the wrong order (right to left). He’s a proper bookworms though, but he noms books like a bear.

Explode with Cuteness – Xmas Shopping with Bears


Alright Folks, are you ready to be exploded with Cuteness? Calendar is online! with 2 new comic inside, and 4 new Xmas Cards in the online shop! I’ve worked my **** off for these Seasonal Special Goodies, I hope you like them! (even though someone said my **** didn’t get any smaller) I will post these new […]

Our First Exhibition @My Village Cafe


You’ve been invited to: Panda & Polar Bear’s Fuzzy Little Exhibition! Featuring: Comics by Panda & Photography by Polar Bear 2012 Nov. 24 Sat. – Dec. 14 Fri. (3 weeks) @My Village Cafe, 37 Chalk Farm Rd, London, England. NW1 8AJ The 4 month old “Panda And Polar Bear” are going to have the first […]