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[Two awkward questions you DON’T ask couples]

It’s true. We’ve been asked both.

The first one was asked by a marriage registry officer 2 years ago, we were asked to be interviewed separately, and the officer asked this question to both of us at the end of our interviews. I mean, a white guy from UK (Polar Bear) and a far east looking girl from Taiwan (Panda), not to mention the officer himself is Indian.

When he asked the question, I chuckled a little thinking “Are you kidding me?”, but as soon as I realised the officer is not smiling at all, this is obviously a serious matter! Geeeeeez… Officers who work here must get smiled at a lot, for admiring their seriousness.

OK, the other question was asked at a posh boarding school reunion when bunch of people just trying their best to make constructive conversation with people who you might never see each other again. It may not be the best day for this poor gentleman who came up with this question for us, but he certainly made my day 🙂

We’ll update when there’s more awkwardness coming up!

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