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Congratulations to another Panda & Polar Bear couple for the Engagement!

This drawing was a birthday surprise for the lovely bride-to-be from her loving fiancé, Panda & Polar Bear are their nicknames for each other ever since the day they met in middle school 9 years ago (Awwwww!) , and for the past few years they’ve been desperate to find a picture of Panda and Polar Bear together, finally they stumbled on our website last year and has been in love with it ever since.

The thoughtful groom asked to be dressed in his LCPL US marine uniform while proposing to Panda in the drawing, which I find was absolutely ingenious for Polar Bear’s fearless yet loving character, so I made this and I hope you can share the happiness of their story too!

Marine Polar Bear with his Panda

Not to mention that when the admin Panda & Polar Bear (yes, that’s us) got married 2 years ago under immigration pressure… which was NOT a romantic story but an EXCITING one… But! That’s another story 🙂

Congratulations again to the couple (Lucas, you know I’m talking about you two! ) and may happiness be with you all!

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