You may love Polar Bear but the Polar Bear may not love you. But we still need to save the Arctic & Polar Bear, that’s the beauty of it.  (Polar Bear:”Oh stop being so Zen!”) Because we are all part of a big family.

Hope you enjoy our little satire, it’s nothing personal, it’s just he always say he hates people, but he actually loves them, that’s all. (Or loves to bite their heads off, I’m not sure.)

So what can we do to help saving them? I know wish is not enough, but going to Arctic and feed the Polar Bear is definitely not good either.

You can do your part by joining in the Thermostat Challenge by adjusting your thermostat down a few degrees(depending on where in the world you live) at home or at work! This will help to lower the carbon emissions and help save the polar bears.

To participate, you can visit: Polar Bears International Website
or the FB event of SOS!(Save Our Sea Ice)
or join the polar bear G+ page

Thank to our friend Miss Bunny Marina Etuci for lending us her words and links!

This comic was published in:

A Fuzzy Little Story

A grumpy, geeky English Polar Bear and a cheeky little Taiwanese Panda present this fuzzy little comic about this unlikely bear couple’s life in London. This documents their stories from heart-warming moments to silly situations when the east and west meet. Even the comic style is a combination of Western and East Asian art.This book features their comics from 2012 to 2013 and an exclusive short story.

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