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Welcoming Lunar New Year, it’s gonna be the year of snake for Taiwanese, so instantly Panda puts herself & Polar Bear in a snake’s belly, (as you do) whilst Polar Bear gets bored playing his ever-dying game and starts cursing.

We are spending this Lunar New Year in UK again, where the celebrations are very much like a festival display rather than a real family thing, but we can’t complain, how can you complain when the Chinese living abroad work extra hard during their Lunar New Year instead of taking a rest? It’s just missing some homy touch though.

You may ask what’s it like to be in Asia when Lunar New Year took place, (nobody asks? I’m gonna say it anyway) well it’s much like Christmas with no Christ, you get to have a relatively long holiday (it’s really hard because we love to make money), eat the feast leftovers for a week, see all the relatives you rarely see (never mind how to call them, we have a HUGE collection of titles for everyone in the family), and while the whole bunch are stuck together in one place, you can do some family bullying or get bullied with all these career and relationship questions, feel all the embarrassment and joy, and after all that, I think you are entitled to receive the best part of the New Year — Red Envelopes! We get real money instead of gifts. How brilliant is that! Not brilliant for the person who gives the most money though!

Last but not least — Remember, you can’t say any bad words that would bring any bad luck —— NEVER SAY THEM IN FRONT OF ANY ELDERLY PEOPLE!!!!! LUCK IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THEM!!!!!
Or you’ll be nagged to death (Oops! There I said it again) or ignored to death (yes I’m doing it on purpose) through out the whole year.

OK? Good luck on that, now I can’t wait to eat some Dim Sum. (NO—- We don’t really eat Dim Sum during Lunar New Years. We are not all Cantonese you know. So why do I want to eat it!?! Because It’s made of awesome! The End!)


See why Polar Bear is cursing to his game:

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