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Today is very special, you may wonder what happened to our post? Have we been hacked? No! Cooler than being hacked! We’re very proud to participate in launching a project that is bigger than us: WASP – Webcomic Artist Swap Project

WASP? What’s that about?

Twelve webcomic artists swapping their art duties like this: You draw his webcomic, he draw yours, and you draw mine! Our honourable guest artist today is Sarah Burgess, who’s got a beautiful,spontaneous drawing style and a romantic touch. When we first exchange emails I asked her to feel free to draw her own version of Panda And Polar Bear story, she very quickly got the spirit of our series, related herself to the characters and nailed it in one shot. It was truly an awesome experience working with her, I love our WASP experience 🙂

Do check out her webcomic The Summer of Blake Sinclair, this 2 years running webcomic is about love and friendship, which Panda finds very addictive!

And for your disappointment we didn’t go hibernating during this break… 😛 We’re guesting in the brilliant daily comic Cat & Meringue by Nich Angell! Yeah! Cat and Meringue are a pair of creative and brave good friends, sailing on a great adventure. It has been going on for nearly 900 webcomics now. WOW! I mean, WOW! That is an amazing constancy!

Thank to Nich’s hospitality, he’s totally open to what I came up with, very helpful and loaded with ideas, I mean, the WASP deal is about ONE comic strip, but he not only gave us 4 open windows, he will also draw 4 strips in respond to ours! They will be published in the next few days, can’t wait to see them!

We’ll keep you update on FB/G+/Twitter…, don’t forget to give Sarah and Nich a round of applause and loads of Likes! And check out the main WASP – Webcomic Artist Swap Project website for the other brilliant webcomics too! Thank you all and baby bear hugs!

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