Valentine’s Day could be a minefield, it’s so dangerous you wish it never existed, but it’s also a nice time to do something special for your beloved. So in this Valentine’s week, we’ll show you some Do and Don’t, and today is the DON’T.

There’s no happiness without suffering… enjoy them! 🙂

By the way, Panda learned American English in Taiwan (mostly from HBO) and Polar Bear speaks English English (According to Polar Bear, it’s “Proper English”), hence the spelling “favorite” & “favourite”.

This comic was published in:

A Fuzzy Little Story

A grumpy, geeky English Polar Bear and a cheeky little Taiwanese Panda present this fuzzy little comic about this unlikely bear couple’s life in London. This documents their stories from heart-warming moments to silly situations when the east and west meet. Even the comic style is a combination of Western and East Asian art.This book features their comics from 2012 to 2013 and an exclusive short story.