Beartallica-tombstoneHello & Ni-Hao! Welcome to our first Weekend Roundup. Thought I’d post something other than just comics but still about comics (Please Bear with Panda logic). You will get some fresh insights about what’s happened or going to happen to the Bears… it may not always be exciting like our comics (what a low standard) and maybe Polar Bear could write something too! (Woohoo!)

First, Something Upside

If you follow our Facebook Page, you may notice that we’ve been talking about a cunning and dangerous plan called WASP – Webcomic Artist Swap Project – organised by webcomic artist “Tempo-Lush” Richy K. Chandler , the plan is that 12 UK webcomic artists/writers swap their art duties to draw each other’s webcomic, and we are proud be scheduled on the first day of the launch – Tomorrow!

So how did we get involved in this? It all started in last year … when we first bumped into Richy at London comic-con MCM expo, an animal shaped chocolate biscuit magically hooked us up, and a few weeks later he kindly invited us to join this brilliant secret action. As an result, we get to team up with 2 awesome webcomic artists:

In the next 4 days we are going to be guest in Nich Angell’s “Cat And Meringue”, and the author of “The Summer of Blake Sinclair” – Sarah Burgess will be our guest artist for Panda And Polar Bear tomorrow.

We are very proud to work with these talented and open-minded artists, and I thank them for their patience and kindness, I hope you will share our excitement and please follow us in the next few days for the hot updates!

To see the whole list of artists and works of this project:
WASP – Webcomic Artist Swap Project

And a simple comic guide about How WASP Works: (drawn by Richy)

How-WASP-Works-Comic-1 How-WASP-Works-Comic-2 How-WASP-Works-Comic-3 How-WASP-Works-Comic-4

Something Downside but could be turned downside UP

This week we got a DMCA takedown notice regarding one of our merchandise “Beartallica” for it looks too KISS-Y, so it’s now not available to purchase anymore. For the lucky few of you who have bought it, please cherish it because it’s now officially a rare item!

In the nearest future we will change that design and share with you the new face of our Beartallica, so keep tuned in! 🙂

Okay… That’s all the Bear News I can think of for now, see you next week! Hugs!! x x x