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Can't-Wait-To-Be-RichYou’ve heard of Cat Café, but have you heard of Panda Café?

Cat Café is a coffeehouse with loads of kitties, it’s literally a heaven for Panda and Polar Bear, we’d raise both 8 paws for London’s first Cat Café. To our surprise, the first Cat Café actually came from Taiwan, then it spread to Japan and so on. (It reminds Panda of another Taiwanese successful export example: Bubble Tea) It seems like a very good idea doesn’t it!

Until Polar Bear came up with a even better idea (only to himself, not so good to Panda):

Panda Petting Café!

“I can’t wait to be rich!” Polar Bear thought to himself.

“But I hate working…” Q_Q Awww Poor Panda. Even though she only needs to do NOTHING but look cute in their igloo-like Cafe surrounded by Bamboo…

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