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Easter-Egg-The-Wrong-KindThe feeling of spring is not really here yet, but spring holidays are surely starting every where.

Back in Taiwan our equivalent of spring break is a week of rainy holiday and a family trip to our ancestor’s grave. (Yeah… So much fun…)

But here in England it’s all about Easter, bunnies and eggs, and for some reason, chocolate!

These may seem reasonable for English Polar Bear but they certainly make no sense to Panda. Bunnies and eggs? Do bunnies hatch eggs? What about the chocolate? What’s chocolate got to do with any of these and what does it have to do with Easter? None of these seem related to the story of Jesus, but the chocolate certainly taste good, so we’ve got to have some of them.

With a complex feeling toward this bizarre holiday, we present you our Easter Egg -the wrong kind.

Oh yes, and, this has a sequel, it will be revealed on Easter Sunday, so stick around!


p.s. We’ve just finished our first animation and published it yesterday, we’ll soon write a blog post about the making and behind the scene. Mean while, here’s the video, enjoy! 🙂

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