In celebration of Mother’s Day(in the UK), I thought, why not draw a real mommy story?

Thanks to our friend for letting us use the conversation between her and her cute little daughter.

Polar Bear did complain (again) though, about why he’s not in the comic this time, but what would Panda and Polar Bear’s child look like? A grey little cub? We can’t make up our minds, please tell us what you think!

Weekend Roundup

Since we start drawing Panda and Polar Bear, there has been many funny and bitter or even weird memories, like when we got promoted on a gay link website (the reason why is still remain a misery, but our website traffic that day was awesome) , also the time when we got DMCA takedown notice. But this time, we made our reader angry with one post, and I want to write something about that.

We draw comics that is true to ourselves, I hope that makes you be true to yourself too, but if some part of us offend some people, we do sincerely apologise for it is not our intention at all. We believe it is very important to live honestly, it essentially makes us happy, even sometimes you have to face hard choices, but by facing the conflict, your view will be broadened and lift to another level, it’s something you can’t buy… a valuable lesson.

We will keep on making comics that is true to our hearts, not because we don’t want to focus on making you happy, but we think by making ourselves happy will ultimately bring you the ultimate happiness too!

THANK YOU for all your support! 🙂

Other drawings we posted somewhere else:

And don’t forget:
Treat your mother right. Cause Mr. T said so! 🙂