Pope Bear

People’s high interest in religion issue is one of the things Panda first noticed since she moved to UK. Today we first attempt to stroke that nerve.

As a Buddhist Panda tends to not criticise a lot. But as an Atheist Polar Bear has a passion to talk about injustice and crime in the name of religions, sometimes Panda felt he’s running an invisible crusade with the internet.

Here in UK, Christian numbers fall with Atheist numbers on the rise, some even predict that 2030 is the year Atheism overtakes Christian in Britain.

Therefore, London’s first Atheist Church was just born at the right place and time. Words went global instantly, Panda even heard her friends in Taiwan talked about it before she saw the news.

Naturally Polar Bear had to check it out, The Sunday Assembly by comedian Sanderson Jones. Polar Bear went there yesterday with an enthusiastic mood, he described the experience was: a very happy, funny and informative gathering, plus there were babes, WIN! They end up in a pub afterwords, which according to Polar Bear, is the place they should begin with.

But please don’t wear that to Atheist Church, Polar Bear.

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