Red-Nose-Day-AAH-CHOOPanda recently fell ill, it’s a nasty cold, but thanks to Polar Bear’s Lemsip, she’s slowly getting better but constantly sleeping at anytime during the day…

The sickness made Panda feel like hell; she thought: it would be horrible if someone felt like this every day! If you have ever been in need of help yourself, you can definitely relate yourself to those who are in need too.

Originally we were going to do something funny to join the charitable Red Nose Day, but since Panda is completely useless and Polar Bear is getting a little bit snotty and cough-y too, both our noses turned red due to endless sneezing, so we just thought, why not change the theme of our Red Nose Day Sponsor Page to:

Sponsoring Red Nose Panda And Polar Bear To Get Well!

If you sponsor us, not only you wish us to get better, you’ll be making the world of difference to people’s lives too! We have a very small target, and it will be a drop in the ocean, but it will make us very happy that all our friends from around the world have contributed!

Please sponsor us here:

You can learn more about Red Nose Day through the link above. Thank you for your support!

And special thanks to our friend Joana for helping on editing today’s picture! :))