Earlier this week: WASP

We were very happy to have our first guest artist Sarah Burgess on last Monday for an exciting WASP (Webcomic Artist Swap Project) collaboration, and we also teamed up with artist Nich Angell and drew four strips for his brilliant webcomic Cat And Meringue, see the episodes we contributed: 888 / 889 / 890 / 891 .
The one week WASP action finishes on Sunday, we saw so many amazing works, so much creativity, and made so many nice friends! Hooray!!

Other Highlights and weird stuff

Geeky update

Our chief-technical-officer/geek Polar Bear was busy moving our website to the new server this weekend, while Panda sat in bubble wrap as if they were moving to an igloo. Sorry if you had experienced some disturbance in the force, and thank you for bearing with us during the improvement, we hope you enjoy the new speed of light our website! It goes Voooomph!!!!

Polar Bear’s footnote

Polar Bear does proofreading for Panda’s post all the time, but he says Panda’s Chinglish is really cute. Also he drew the Polar Bear balloon in today’s post himself. Oooooh!