St. Patrick’s Day + Weekend Roundup Mar 11-17

St-Patricks-Day-Weekend-RoundupHappy St. Patrick’s Day! Or Happy Drunk-and-Rugby Day.

Polar Bear has a perfect belly for resting his Guinness! How can Panda resist to play tricks on him with that hat on?

Weekend Roundup

Earlier this week Panda got a nasty cold, it took 5 days of suffering to feel almost bear again, during which time they were going to come up with something funny to do for Red Nose Day, but they couldn’t because Polar Bear was sniffing and coughing too, and he said “I am not doing anyffing for it!”

So there was only one thing they could do—get better soon.

“Bugger!” Panda thought, “I hate being sick. But being useless is quite nice.”
(Polar Bear: “You mean being ‘even more’ useless?”)

Eventually they raised £32.79 for Red Nose Day, including donations from Polar Bear, Kri-Kri Goat and bunny, it was amazing! Thanks to the good will of animals, people will survive this time.

Panda and Polar Bear got themselves a cat!

Our cool kitty migrated from Lisbon to London, she is a very skilful graphic designer and looking for a job, so if you know someone who need a designer, let us know! Here’s her blog: Joana Saramago Photography

Last Wednesday we finally got 666 friends on Facebook!

Six, six six, the number of the beast! \m/ We had a little contest for guessing the date when we reach the number, but unfortunately no one succeed, that means we’ll have to decide which band Panda And Polar Bear will be dressed in ourselves, it’s a hard decision, you know? So far we only agreed on one thing: skinny jeans.

You’ll see the result drawing in the next Weekend Roundup! :)