130324-Weekend-RoundupHi babes,

London snowed again, still we don’t know when spring is coming, on our balcony so many empty pots and slots waiting to be occupied with green life, but here we’re still waiting for spring. Life is fair, everyone has the same amount of time, but somehow it just seems very slow when you want to see something happen.

Last week we wrote that our 666 celebration drawing will be finished by this weekend, but the plan was delayed due to Panda’s annoying ambition -she wants it to be an animation!- So we’re sorry that it’s still in progress, hope we can make it up to you with a good anime!

Can you guess who we’re going to be in the sketches? Hint: two British singers, one single song, 1985! 🙂

Weekend Roundup

Ending song:
Ok… see you soon!