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A Lonesome Spring

This story is a little bit blue.

We live closely to a beautiful canal, we often go there for nice walks to feel closer to the nature.

One day we noticed a special goose, a Canada goose, long black neck, beautiful cascading brown feathers. The reason why we noticed it was because they usually come in pairs, but this one was just paddling there alone.

The first time when we saw it, it was paddling in the middle of the canal for a long time, without moving or looking for food like they usually do, as if it was a child who stood in the middle of a supermarket and hoped someone would come. We thought it’s a little bit odd, and then we saw a dead goose facing down in the water, not far away from where the lonely goose was.

We couldn’t help but thinking this might be the reason why the first goose was sitting in the middle of the water, it may be mourning for it’s companion.

After that, for weeks, whenever we go out, we’ll see a lonely goose sitting on a nearby deck, not very lively, it doesn’t chase for food. It’s very hard to tell if it’s the same goose since they all look the same, but it feels like it, because it behaves the same way everyday.

It’s too bad that as human we couldn’t talk to animals.

There seems nothing we can do, we don’t even know if this story in our heads was true.

So we drew this.

And hope it comforts the sadness of losing someone and let compassion and love grows.

Sketch of the lonesome goose

Ok, next time we’ll post something cheerful.

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