Dancing In The Street

Last week we made our first animation! This is a post about what’s behind the scene! But first, watch it here!

Where did we get the idea from?

As you may know that we’ve been making web comics for 8 months, and thankfully a while ago we reached 555 fans on Facebook, it was very exciting and we can’t wait to see when we reach 666… “The number of the beast”! This saying was originally from The New Testament, but we like it for a different reason: Iron Maiden! Why of course! 🙂

Panda and Polar Bear are both music fans and since this number rocks big time, we announced a little contest: If you successfully guessed which date we’ll reach 666, we’ll draw Panda and Polar Bear as any band/artist you wish!

Finally, the number of the beast were made on 16th March, about a month later from we announced the contest, though there were many lovely contestants but sadly none has won, nevertheless we can still celebrate it by dressing the bears up as the artists we want! 🙂

But whom should we draw…? Hmmm… Panda and Polar Bear looked at each other for a second, and an answer popped into both our furry heads: “David Bowie!!” (This is true! We’re telepathic! Annoying, I know…)

Although there’s a new David Bowie album in town, we still like to honour the old stuff, especially the one reintroduced to the world by Family Guy: Dancing In The Street – the collaborative work by David Bowie and Mick Jagger in 1985!


You simply have to watch their music video to understand why we love it so much that we make a tribute for it, though our animation is less jaws dropping but we made it with passion and cuteness, hope you like it too! 🙂

How did we make the bears dance?

Since it’s set as a short animation, the making of this project is actually quite different from making a still comic, for example:

Photos of the making of “Dancing In The Street”:

Behind the scene fact

Will we do it again?

Heehee… 🙂

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