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It finally happened.

We woke up this morning only to find out that we’ve been cloned colonised by this itty bitty beary committee! Yes, it’s THE EGG! The Egg we laid on last Friday!

Panda has been hatching it (as you do), and it grew bigger and bigger, this is how it went on the day one:

Easter-Hatching  130330-Easter-Hatching-2

Day two, not only the egg got incredibly huge, it also started to wobble!

This really made us worry about what kind of monster would burst out, we got loads of guesses on Facebook like: Unicorn, Penguin, Polanda, Pandolar, Bunny, Ostrich, Dinosaur, Koala Bear… and “Halfy” …Arrrgh!!! (Thank you for all the guessing by the way!! 😀 )

Halfy-1  Halfy-2

Day three, the egg hatched! Oh No!

There were so many of them! These little fur balls starts to crawl everywhere, on us, under us, in front of us, on the back of us… everywhere! Have you seen the Star Trek episode “The Trouble With Tribbles”? It’s just like that but with Kung Fu! Before we knew it, they started a DOJO in our little flat and fought with Bamboo. (don’t even know where they got those from) Not to mention the big dark chamber they built with their shell, who knows what’s going on in there, but we can certainly hear them conspiring something, just look how hard they try to distract us with their cutest little paws and big watery eyes!

There are at least 30 baby bears in our flat now, we can’t feed them all, it’s either giving them away or all of us end up on the street and begging for food…

It kills us to say this but… If you are thinking about adopting bears into your family, please subscribe to our BearMail (on the center-bottom of our website) and we’ll……


No. We’re just messing with y’al.

Happy April Fool’s and Easter! Thank you for putting up with us!!! The world is truly a silly place 😛

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