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This all begin when we learned the tragic story of this little fellow last month: Polar bear cub orphan called Kali.

Kali was made orphan by a human, also rescued by humans, and is currently living in Alaska Zoo.

The story makes you think, doesn’t it? But then Panda’s imagination starts to take over… Like: what if Kali wasn’t adopted by Alaska Zoo, but by someone somewhere else? Wouldn’t it be a potential disaster to have Polar Bear in Africa? And what if… What if… so all the what ifs got turned into this little comic.

We hope you like it, but we say sorry in advance just in case we offend anyone (again). *Sigh* The things we do just to make you smile.

Is there other things you can think of if Polar Bear got adopted by other places? Tell us what you think! Comments or emails are all welcome! 🙂

Also you can read some follow up of this cute little Polar Bear here: Rescued Polar Bear Cub Settles into New Home

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