Last week, our good friend Kri-Kri Goat / Panagiotis Pomonis celebrated his birthday in Greece, we thought maybe if we send him something he¬†can see/use everyday it would be nice! So… what’s better than a DIY Panda, Polar Bear and friends mug? ūüôā

Before starting, we found this awesomely detailed blog post from DIYopolis very useful, we followed the steps and the result is perfect, thank them very much!

So here we go:

First, we drew a sketch of him so we’ll know what to do (sort of), and got some cleanser with alcohol, cotton buds, cloth and gloves… because¬†apparently¬†any¬†grease between sharpie and mug would fail the result big time.

Preparation for DIY mug

We also prepared a mug for practicing and testing, glad it’s really easy to clean the sharpie marks off before baking!

Here’s a cheeky look of Panda / Louise during the making (photo by Cat /¬†Joana Saramago)

Louise showing her drawing on the mug

As you can see there are also black mugs as well, we used silver sharpies for them. Here’s the finishing drawings:

And now here comes the crucial part: baking! This process will set the drawing on mug permanently.

We put the mugs in the oven when it’s cold, and set the temperature to 220¬įC, once it reached the temperature, set the timer to 30 minutes, and when finished, it is important to let it cool down in the oven, we waited for 4 hours for it to cool down completely, but the result is rewarding:

As you can see, the black ink faded a little but sets permanently on the glazing, but the other silver drawings on black mug hasn’t fade at all, it’s now dishwasher-and-scrubbing-proof, awesome!

We waited for a week for this surprise to reach its destination, and when the happy goat recived it, he¬†immediately¬†brewed a cup of fresh sage tea to celebrate ūüôā

So there you go, hope this little DIY project put a smile on your face too! Happy creating! ūüôā

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A Fuzzy Little Story

A grumpy, geeky English Polar Bear and a cheeky little Taiwanese Panda present this fuzzy little comic about this unlikely bear couple’s life in London. This documents their stories from heart-warming moments to silly situations when the east and west meet. Even the comic style is a combination of Western and East Asian art.This book features their comics from 2012 to 2013 and an exclusive short story.