Our New Book The Diary Of Panda And Polar Bear

Hello! It’s been a long time since we updated, because we’ve been working on our new baby book: The Diary Of Panda And Polar Bear, and it’s finally out today! Hooray!

This is our first book so we’re really excited, there have been many false starts but we’re learning as we go! And of course, if it weren’t for our reader’s support, we wouldn’t be able to keep creating, let alone producing, a book.

A very very BIG THANK YOU to all our readers, THANK YOU! THANK YOU ALL!!

So what’s in this book?

A year in our lives. This 136 page book archives a collection of our first year’s comics (from 18 Jul 2012 to 18 Jul 2013) and an exclusive short story which has never been seen before!

Why are there two versions? Black and white / Full colour?

Back in the beginning when we started editing this book, we thought it was only natural to do it in full colour, even though we only used colour as a highlight. Later on we found out that the price differences between full colour and black and white books are just too much. Luckily with advanced technology, we can have both versions and you, our wonderful readers can choose which you want. We tried our best so they are completely up to standard to our eyes and hopefully yours too.

Black & White interior
Black & White interior
Full Colour interior
Full Colour interior

So where can I buy this book?

Physical book:


Is there a special offer?

Yes! In celebration of our first book, we put on online book signing in our store. There’s also a special deluxe bundle for our full colour book. Limited time only, till the end of November 2013!

What’s next?

Thanks to our friends in Taiwan, and many Asian reader’s support, we’re really hoping to produce a Mandarin version, possibly next year. Though it’s a big challenge to translate Polar Bear’s English jokes to Mandarin, but we shall try our best, for families and friends! And Polar Bear can’t help with proofreading this time! Hehe 🙂

Update (11 May 2014)

We’re proud to announce that we’re aiming to publish a new book around this fall, the sequel! 😀

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