Panda And Polar Bear Portrait

Wow! We haven’t post anything other than comics for a while, I thought we need a little change… and since I spent this year’s International Polar Bear Day working on something crafty, let’s take a little while to do a behind-the-scene 🙂


It all started with this little stamp… it’s the most common stamp in the UK, but sometimes the most common thing jump out at you, right? That’s what we called an epiphany…

Hence the birth of this little doodle, if you follow our Facebook page, you might have seen it when we hit 1500 fans in January this year:

1500 hit Thanks card

As playful as it is, the upside of doodling on an iPad is that you can always take it to the computer and do more about it! With tools that we’re lucky to possess with the grace of your support…

The Making Of Silhouette

I’ve been thinking about how to use felt in our crafts for a while, and this seems like a good chance! The nature of felt keep the bears fluffy, also enhance the body of the layers, meanwhile, a crafting electric cutter comes in handy to make the cut nice and clean:

Felt Panda detail Felt Polar Bear detail

Voila! Here’s the beautiful result… Hope you like it!




They are available in our web store, made to order as usual, great gifts for your bear! 😉

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