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Last Thursday we went to a brilliant talk by ShaoLan Hsueh 薛曉嵐, the author of Chineasy at the Apple store, Regent St. in London, today’s comic was a true scenario at the Q&A time. It’s always amazing to know another talented Taiwanese creator abroad! 🙂

As you know, language and culture differences has always been an interesting factor in our daily life. Do you remember this comic Mandarin Conspiracy? 🙂


Polar Bear only knows when me and my friends are talking about him when he overhears “ying guo” (which means “English”) in our conversation. He also memorises some easy Chinese characters graphically, so earlier this year he had this idea of shaping bears into Chinese characters and the result is this comic: Bearly Easy Mandarin.

Bearly Easy Mandarin

Which brought us back to Chineasy, as soon as I learned about it I bought the book “Chineasy: The New Way to Read Chinese” for my Polar Bear because it is simply what we were thinking all along and it went far beyond that, it’s a very inspiring and creative language learning system which made learning Chinese fun and easy for beginners. If you are interested, the talk we went to is now on iTunes podcast both in video and audio for free, so enjoy! 🙂

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