Help! Our bears are in need of a new home… would you adopt them?

Would you adopt us please?

Breaking News! We’re moving countries (again!)… And our stock needs new homes!

Although leaving London the birth place of Panda And Polar Bear is a bit sad but we’re also excited for the new adventure, we are going to invade moving to Cardiff in Wales, and we need to travel as light as possible, so we’d like to throw our first clearance sale! (Not that we have a lot of stock but hey…)

From today (24 May 2014) on, we’ll post various things on our Facebook page, like signed books and crafted items, also prints from our first exhibition in 2012, most of the prints are one and the only print in this world, hand-edited, signed and stamped, so you’ll get what you bargain for, and our deepest gratitude. Buying from us means you’re directly supporting us creating more work!

So please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter in the following couple days! 🙂