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A New Adventure!

Hello! We’re back… after a whole month! Thank you for your support on the Clearance Sale, it was such a success! And we hope to do that again in the future, so don’t worry if you missed it! 🙂

So while we were head over paws fixing all the snags in both flats, assembling heavy furniture, wondering when will this all end… to our happy surprise, new orders and supporting messages from you guys still flew in, no less than when we’re posting as usual! Whenever we got a supportive message, either comments or placing orders, they really brought a smile on our faces and drove the tiredness away, Thank you so much… And now we’re back, looking forward to the new adventure, both in real life and in comics, hopefully bring smiles onto your faces too!

And now… Full speed ahead… Onward! Ever onward!

*To people who don’t know about the L-plate that Polar Bear’s wearing, it’s a Provisional License for people (or bears) who are learning to drive. And no, please don’t pin it to your chest, it’s a Polar Bear thing. 🙂

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