Invitation To Our Patron Club

Hello Dear Readers!

It was a midsummer’s night in 2012 when we posted the first comic of Panda And Polar Bear, time goes by so fast, since then we have produced 219 comics in 2 years, approximately 8 to 9 comics per month, one animation (another one in the pipeline), an exhibition, a book, and our second book is coming out very very soon!

Now in the celebration of our second year & book, we’d like to make things more serious and make Panda And Polar Bear more sustainable (other than being organic and free-ranged), we need your support!

That’s why we’re launching Panda And Polar Bear Patron Club! By becoming a monthly patron means you’re helping us to keep making free comics for everyone and more quirky merchandise, in return, you’ll have our huge gratitude and many special perks that you can’t get anywhere else!

So please plege by becoming our patron… and help us to bring more happiness to the world.

Thank you for reading!

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