Crouching Polar Hidden Panda

Hello, we are back! It has been super busy for us for 2 weeks, we visited family, friends, printers and publishers in Taiwan, saw Panda’s favourite comic Storm Riders‘ ending exhibition in Hong Kong, and now back with lots of new ideas to our quiet and lovely country life for some… jet lag recovering.

Needless to say, we’ll make a short story about this amazing trip, it will definitely become a special chapter in the book 3!

Also, tomorrow we’ll announce our Patron Club’s brand new rewards, club members will get more than they already have! I can almost feel no jet lag just by thinking about it… Haha! Stay in tune. 😉

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Living in the Present

Two very different bears from wildly different parts of the world somehow found each other and fell in love. But… what happens after? This is a cute and silly on-going story about love overcoming differences and prejudices, and by being yourself, you’ll realise we’re not so different after all. This time, they flew up the sky, went down the mine, traveled across the sea, and forgot all about their luggage… Grumpy Panda and smily Polar Bear challenge your imagination again!