Commission: Judo Bears


It was really fun drawing bears with Kung Fu, specially when Pandas are just naturally born cute-and-cuddly lethal weapons (?). This time we tried to capture a little Panda throwing her Polar Bear around on Santa Monica beach, where their memories are held dearly, commissioned by DB the Polar Bear for his Panda PL, and it’s been a real fun and pleasure making this artwork.

In order to draw such a movement I need to do a little “field study”, yes, I tried to throw my Polar Bear Dave around, but luckily I was better at Tofu than Kung Fu, so we’re happy to let you know that there was no Polar Bear hurt in the making of this commission, here’s the correct move: (DB’s kind reminder: don’t do it on hard surface!)

Ippon Seoi Nage Judo

We thank DB and PL for this opportunity to draw Judo Bears for them, this drawing along with “Fearless For Love” and “Chopsticks Of Fury” shows how bears love to do Kung Fu! They are the most dramatic scenes in Panda & Polar Bear series 🙂

The completed artwork in Frame:
150617-Judo-Bears-framedSee more here: Commission


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