White Anniversary

Today is Panda And Polar Bear’s 3rd Anniversary!

Can’t believe it’s been three years! And you know what it means when we have our Anniversary… A new book will be born soon! We’ll start editing the comics from last year and work on some exclusive stories, including “A Typical Day” and our trip to Asia!

In addition, we’ve created many sets of miniature Panda and Polar Bear portraits for collectors, we’ll post them on eBay starting at 1$ starting tomorrow…! Don’t miss this great chance to own an P&PB original piece at a great price!


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Living in the Present

Two very different bears from wildly different parts of the world somehow found each other and fell in love. But… what happens after? This is a cute and silly on-going story about love overcoming differences and prejudices, and by being yourself, you’ll realise we’re not so different after all. This time, they flew up the sky, went down the mine, traveled across the sea, and forgot all about their luggage… Grumpy Panda and smily Polar Bear challenge your imagination again!