Ink Wash Fox Tattoo Commission


More than a month ago, we got our first tattoo design commission request, it’s an honour that someone wishes to ink your artwork onto their body, and through the process, we learned that nowadays tattoo artist would ask for the right to use the image that brought to them, it’s a positive cycle, and we’re happy to be part of it!

So the requested scene is a fox in Ink Wash style, usually, we’d make several proposals for our client to choose from, these were the proposals:

After some discussion, one of the first drawings I made was chosen, then it was finished with a little added detail and a background for the additional print.

A month later, the tattoo is finished! The tattoo artist even added some nice details to it and that really brings out the movement of the fox, it’s so beautiful! See how lovely the result is:


Many thanks to Miss K for permission to use the photo.

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