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The Diary Of Panda And Polar Bear III: Living In The Present



  • Published on 30 Nov. 2015
  • A collection of our comics from 2014-2015
  • Featuring two exclusive short stories: Going Abroad and A Typical Day
  • Full colour, 102 pages

This year, they flew up the sky, went down the mine, traveled across the sea, and forgot all about their luggage… Grumpy Panda and smily Polar Bear challenge your imagination again!

Early Bird Offer:

The first 10 persons who order the new book (physical or digital) and sent us the proof of receipt, we’ll send a hand written Christmas Card to wish you the best holidays along with another blank Christmas cards for you! Please send your proof of purchase (screen grab etc.) to: [email protected]

New 2016 Reader’s Favourite Calendar

Your votes helped made this 2016 calendar! Here are the winner comics:

  1. I came, I saw, I snuggled (80 votes)
  2. Living In The Present (69 votes)
  3. Happily Occupied (63 votes)
  4. Imagination Is Everything (58 votes)
  5. Moody Day (54 votes)
  6. Attachment (52 votes)
  7. Witty And Sparkling 2 (51 votes)
  8. Christmas Bonsai (50 votes)
  9. Holiday tradition 2 (49 votes, unfortunately we didn’t include this because there’s only one December each year…)
  10. Hire A Polar Bear On Valentine’s Day (49 votes)
  11. Copybear (47 votes)
  12. Driving Lesson 2 (46 votes)
  13. Thrifty Panda (42 votes)
  14. It’s Morning (42 votes)

Printable 2016 calendar will be out tomorrow, and watch for your inbox because we’ll send out 10 free download links for our winners! 🙂

Discounts & Freebies

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New Freebies: Book 3 Bearmix Wallpaper, Attachment Wallpaper.

That’s it! hope you like the new book, because it is, and I quote Polar Bear, “Good.”

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