Today our comic turned 4 years old! You know what this means if you’ve been with us long enough… It means we’ll now start the preparation for our next book! And if all goes well, we might even bring out an additional colouring book for you… But no promises! You know what Pandas are like… (Another basket of bamboo plz)

We want to take this chance to say THANK YOU for all your support, so please take 20% off at our merch shop today! And from tomorrow we’ll put some limited P&PB collectables on our eBay account, there will be some goodies for you and your loved ones! *wink *wink

THANK YOU for being with us for 4 years! And no, I don’t think one can ever get enough of bears, they are like cats, just a bit bigger in jaws and claws, that’s all.

x x

ps. Today’s illustration is adapted from one of our recent commission, which we’ll post in our commission page soon.