Commission: Never Say No To Triffids


In June we made this commission celebrating our reader Nick and his girlfriend’s Anniversary, she loves taking care of the plants on their balcony, so much so their bougainvillea starts to “come to life”…! We thought this is most amusing because we spend a lot of times on taking care of our plants too. 🙂

In his words:

I wanted to get something special for my girlfriend on our anniversary, and I already had a vague idea in mind for my panda and polar bear picture. Louise understood immediately the idea I was trying to transmit, and did an incredible job, much better than anything I could ever have dreamed of! She is a great artist and made us (me and my girlfriend) extremely happy.


Many thanks to them and wish them and their Triffids have a lovely summer! 😉

Special Notice

Since last Christmas we’ve finished 15 Commissions, that’s almost 2 per month, it sure is an honour to be trusted with people’s ideas and draw them for their loved ones, thank you!

But now with the coming book that needs our full attention, we’ve decided to pause our commission service from now till the beginning of October (2 months). We’re sorry if you were planning to make an enquiry during this time and hope you can understand, if you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! Planning for the holiday season is never too early! 🙂

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