Commission: Fail With Style

Hey everyone… How’s your 2018? It’s nearly over, isn’t it crazy? Even if it has been hard and stuff… don’t worry! Polar Bears always land on their arse! (Oh wait…)

Today’s special design is a sticker commission for a hackathon competition, requested by one of the judge Mr. M himself for the competitors who didn’t win but did a really good job trying! We thought this is a lovely concept that we can get behind, big kudos to Mr. M for his big heart!

Have you seen one of those Pandas falling over videos? We really good at aren’t we? And we always get up and chase the nannies again and again! Nothing will get these Pandas down I tell you… So we hope this little image sends you a pat on the back and a Huge bear hug, we’re here for you! 🙂

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