Commission: Cherry Blossom Proposal

Today’s artwork was commissioned by Mr. C for his secret proposal, and of course… mission accomplished!

Here’s the engagement story told by Mr.C’s fiancé:

“Polar bear had been planning to ask the question for several months before it actually happened. This bear couple really enjoys doing treasure hunts together, so Polar bear planned to go on one knee as a part of an entire day-long treasure hunt journey. On the morning of their anniversary, he gave Panda a box, locked with multiple combination padlocks, and a website, which was the guide to open it. The website had riddles and challenges, with cute illustrations from the panda and polar bear comics, that led the couple through the iconic moments and places of their relationship in London, like the place of their first dates, or the building where they first lived together. The bears got very lucky with the weather, it was warm and sunny all day – which itself could have been enough to make it an exceptional day in London. The actual proposal happened in Greenwich park in the cherry blossoms avenue. Panda really likes cherry blossoms. When the bears fantasize about their future house together, usually the first thing that comes to Panda’s mind is that she will want a cherry tree in their garden. As they arrived at the place of the proposal, Panda had still two locks to open, and the six digits on the two locks represented a date that’s important for the couple. After several tries, including trying the date when the bears first met, and the date that marks the beginning of their relationship, Panda tried the date of that day, representing the date of their engagement, which did open the locks. Inside the box, the commission art greeted her. In the drawing she was sitting on the exact same bench as in reality, and was looking at a ring and Polar bear on one knee, just like at the moment right after opening the box. The four word question was followed by a three letter answer, and many tears and hugs and kisses.”

Isn’t it wonderful? We are so happy for them, Congratulations!

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