About Us

A Comic Deditated to Love and Relationship

We are a couple living in the UK, Panda and Polar Bear started as our nicknames for each other, and then it gradually evolved into a series of comics based on our lives, the comic went online since 2012, and it has been a wonderful journey.

For us, creating comic is a great way to cherish our lives together, because it’s so easy to take things for granted when the relationship is stable, so to prevent those precious moments got overlooked, we’d like to seize them before they’re gone.

Louise Wei

Dying to draw fluffy animals

Louise had a dream of becoming a comic artist since she was little, so she studied arts and then one thing lead to another, she became a graphic designer. After years of working exhaustedly, the burned-out Panda met Dave, if not for this moment of fate, she’d probably never come back to drawing comics, love is truly inspirational.

Dave Hodgkinson

Always funny, but not intended

Dave’s good with computers from an early age and made a living out of it. He can think logically and find solutions very easily but somehow still lives in a complete chaos. Human skills are probably not installed properly for this one, and that’s why he’s our Polar Bear, being a bear is much better.

Words to our readers

To our kind readers out there, thank you for sharing your feedbacks and for just being there, it’s a great feeling to know that we’re doing something that makes people happy, thank you, and hope you can always find joy and comfort in our comic, it belongs to every reader that thinks the story speaks to them.

Happy Reading!

Louise and Dave


If you have any proposal, suggestions or questions, welcome to get in touch! You can email us at: [email protected]

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  1. Sabrina says:

    I have fallen in love with your comics! My boyfriend calls me his wittle panda bear & I call him my big powar bear! Once I saw this, Omg I was done! Keep doing what you’re doing because it definitely brings a smile to our faces <3 Thank you guys for being so awesome!!!! 😀

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