World of Love

The joy of life is too wasteful not to share! Don’t you agree? Whether you are a bear or human, welcome to join our movement to be positive and supportive to one another, together we can make the world a better place.

Bear & Share

Welcome to join our Facebook group! Bear & Share is a free community, a warm place for those who identify themselves as Pandas, Polar bears and other animals to celebrate love & their relationships.

By join in you can:

    • Make friends
    • Share your the funny/silly/sweet stories or read others
    • Get positive feedback and friendly support

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Patron Club

Are you a die-hard fan? With a monthly contribution from $3 upwards, you can make a difference to an indie cartoonist, this will keep us stable and afloat without worrying about the business stuff, and concentrate on creating comics!

These are some perks we offer:

  • Behind-the-scene stories with sketches
  • Get your name printed in our future new books
  • Annual gifts
  • Commission discount

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